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Dundee Royal Infirmary,Nurses Badge
A bronze pendant badge for the Dundee Royal Infirmary.In good clean condition with pin and clasp all intact.Suspension bar bears the motto Pro Aegris Et Laesis-For the Sick and Injured
Unmarked to rear .Height 50mm

Code: 51862Price: 40.00 GBP

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British Red Cross Technical Medal,Medical Officer
Instituted in 1914 and discontinued in 1966,the BRCS Technical Badges could be worn by members of the Voluntary Aid detachments with professional Qualifications.This rare medal was issued and named to Dr Alex Low Rhind ,numbered 109.He is recorded as being a House Surgeon for the Cottage Hospital Chorley before being found in Keyworth Nottinghamshire during WW2.In good condition with no damage to the enamel ,it is suspended from it's original silk ribbon on a buckle mounting.The scrolled ribbon bar bears the title Medical Officer Medal height 43mm,drop 83mm

Code: 51865Price: 100.00 GBP

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Children's Hospital Birmingham,Silver Nurses Badge
A silver and enamel Nurses badge from Birmingham Children's Hospital.It takes the form of a Greek cross with overlaid disc on which is a lamp of Learning,(This is a common design which was used for several other training schools) In good overall condition although pin is very loose.,safety chain in situ.Hallmarked to rear for F&S (Fattorini & Sons) Birmingham 1948 Height 30mm

Code: 51859Price: 60.00 GBP

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Royal College of Nursing,Silver Members Badge 1930-46
An original members badge for the Royal College of Nursing,of the pattern issued during the wartime years 1939-46.In white metal (marked Sterling )with the intertwined letters RCN topped by the King's Crown.It retains it's pin and clasp and is marked for the maker J R Gaunt London.It bears the membership number 54959 Height 33mm

Code: 51856Price: 35.00 GBP

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Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast,Silver Nurses badge
An ever popular silver and enamel nurses badge from the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast.An oval badge with a central design showing a lit nurses lamp of learning with stylised beams of light on a green enamel background.The title is around the edge with an imperial crown at the top and shamrocks at the other three quarters.In excellent condition with only minor scratches to the enamel near to the flame.The pin and catch are good.Silver hallmarks for Thomas Fattorini Birmingham .Named to rearM K Hegan 5/6/47 Height 42mm

Code: 51854Price: 85.00 GBP

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Royal College of Nursing & National Council of Nurses of the United Kingdom,Silver Members Badge
A scarce model of a Royal College of Nursing members badge which was in use from 1963 to 1975.In silver and enamel,it features the crest of the college in a voided centre.The shield bears a sun and three stars symbolising day and night.This is topped by an open book and roman lamp symbolising learning and nursing.A red scroll at the base bears the latin Tradimus Lampada-We Pass on the Torch.The wording around the edge reflects the amalgamation of the two bodies.Condition generally good with some surface scratches.The pin has been replaced,safety roller catch is good.Hallmarked for J R Gaunt & Son,Birmingham 1967.Membership number 134975 to rear.Height 39mm

Code: 51849Price: 35.00 GBP

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General Hospital Birmingham,Silver Nurses League Badge
A pin back enamelled badge for the Nurses League of the General Hospital Birmingham.Nice overall condition however the enamel has suffered slight loss at the top above B,also some surface scratches.Pin and clasp intact(pin is a modern replacement),securing ring for a safety chain present but no chain.Silver hallmarks for WJD(William James Dingley)Birmingham 1937 Height 30mm

Code: 51852Price: 40.00 GBP

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Norwich and Norfolk Staff of Nurses,Bronze Long Service medal
An extremely rare, early broze long service badge for the Norwich and Norfolk Hospital.It consists of a plain bronze Maltese/Pattee cross with an applied circle upon which is "Norwich & Norfolk Staff of Nurses".On this is a pointed oval shape with the letters NNS intertwined and "With Goodwill Doing Service".The cross is suspended from two brass chains.this would have been joined to a plain brass pin back bar brooch but this is missing.Condition is good for it's age.There is moderate surface scratching throughout.
The rear of the badge is engraved 1894,Presented to Nurse E Shingles by the Committee for Five Years Faithful Services 1898.This appears to be Emma Mary Shingles,born in 1870, who is shown in the College of Nursing as having joined that organisation in 1917.Her address is given as 32 Surrey Street Norwich
Height of cross 45mm
A rare early nurses badge .

Code: 51851Price: 225.00 GBP

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Snapethorpe And General Hospitals Wakefield,Silver Nurses badge
A superb silver and enamel nurses badge from the Snapethorpe And General Hospitals Wakefield.It consists of a Fleur de Lys symbol from the arms of Wakefield with two white roses of Yorkshire.The condition is immaculate with no surface scratches.Pin,clasp and safety roller catch all good.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini,Birmingham,hallmarked for TF Birmingham 1968

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The Dewsbury and Staincliffe School of Nursing,Silver Nurses badge
A scarce silver and enamel nurses badge from the Dewsbury and Staincliffe School of Nursing.The design consists of a light blue enamel greek cross with an imposed Disc which bears a white enamel rose of Yorkshire with a caduceus at it's centre.Condition is good with one or two minor enamel chips.Pin is a temporary replacement.Clasp and safety roller catch is good.Marked to rear B E Ratcliffe 1964-1967 Hallmarks for F&S (Fattorini & Sons) Birmingham 1965 Height 35mm

Code: 51847Price:

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