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The Royal Hospital Wolverhampton,Silver Nurses Badge
A silver and enamel nurses badge for the Royal Hospital Wolverhampton. The design features a shield bearing a cross of St George topped by a sable band bearing three wolves heads.The Hospital title appears on a plain band around the edge.Condition is generally good with no enamel loss but moderate surface scratching.Pin and clasp present but loose .Engraved to the rear for Mary Staniland Fowler 1955-1959/Silver hallmarks for GK&S(George Kenning & Son) Birmingham 1959.Height 29mm

Code: 51577Price: 65.00 GBP

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Charles Frears School of Nursing Leicester,Silver Nurses Badge
A silver gilt and enamel nurses badge from the Charles Frears School of Nursing in Leicester.The octagonal badge feature a pair of hands holding a wrapped figure symbolising a patient and the delivery of Care.In very good condition with minimal wear and only minor scratches.The pin,clasp and safety roller catch are all good.Makers mark to the rear for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham .Engraved to L E Baniel and hallmarked for TF Birmingham 1978 Height 28mm

Code: 51578Price: 60.00 GBP

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League of Westminster Hospital Nurses,silver badge
A popular silver and enamel badge for the Nurses League of the Westminster Hospital It features the portcullis and crown motif of Westminster. The hospital did not originally issue a badge to its qualifying nurses,rather awarding a belt buckle.The same emblem with different wording was latterly used when the hospital eventually decided to award a badge.
Good clean condition with no enamel damage,pin is missing but can be replaced if required.Hallmarked to rear for JRG&S(J R Gaunt London) Birmingham 1954 Height 30mm

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Broadgate Hospital Beverley,Silver Mental Nurses badge
An impressive silver and enamel Nurses badge from the Broadgate Hospital Beverley.Originally the East Riding of Yorkshire County Asylum,the hospital finally closed in 1987 and was demolished and replaced with housing. The large badge features a central design of Beverley Minster,one of the largest parish churches in the UK.The hospital title appears on a blue enamel band around the edge.Condition generally very good with very minor enamel damage around the rim and between the I and T.Pin and clasp good.Marked for Pinches London and Silver.Height 38mm

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Royal Worcester Figurine,British Red Cross Society VAD Member
One of a series of four Limited edition figurines of Nursing Sisters,produced by the Royal Worcester Factory in the 1960s.Modelled by Ruth and Raymond Van Ruyckevelt in editions of 750 they are now eagerly sought by collectors.This figure is the fourth in the series produced in 1969,the Nursing Sister of the Voluntary Aid Detatchment.
The Figure is set on a small plinth and stands approximately 220mm tall.She wears a light blue dress with badges over which is her white apron with Red Cross and belt.She wears a white cap ,also with a red cross to the front.She is carrying a small medical bag.Condition is very good with no chips,cracks or flaws.It is marked to to the base as pictured.It is minus it's box and certificate but still a scarce object.Please contact me if you require any further information.

Code: 51574Price: 550.00 GBP

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The Princess Alexandra College of Nursing,Silver Nurses Badge
A silver and enamel nurses badge which awarded by the Princess Alexandra College of Nursing for a short period only.It was designed by a group of Tutors of the college to reflect the amalgamation of the Newham and Princess Alexandra Schools of Nursing but was itself replaced by the City University Badge.The design consists of six alternate black and white links forming a chain,on a hexagonal shape badge.Condition appears unissued in it's original plastic case.Pin,clasp and safety roller catch all excellent.Makers mark for Fattorini Birmingham,silver hallmarks for Thomas Fattorini Birmingham 1995.

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West Manchester Group Training School,Silver Nurses badge
A silver and enamel Nurses badge from the West Manchester Group Training School.It features a black and silver Rod of Asclepius on a light blue background.Condition is very good with minimal surface damage.Pin,clasp and safety roller catch all in good condition.Engraved to rear May 1970 Rosalie E.E.McKnight,hallmarks for K Ltd Birmingham 1969 Height 28mm

Code: 51571Price: 70.00 GBP

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Bedfordshire Area School of Nursing,Luton & Dunstable Hospital Nurses badge
A nice white metal and enamel nurses badge from the Bedfordshire Area School of Nursing,for training at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital.The same design of badge was also issued for training at the Fairfield and Bedford General Hospital sites.
The design takes the form of a rounded triangle with a caduceus on a red cross voided at the centre.Around this are three small discs bearing the designs of the three amalgamated schools of Nursing.At the bottom is a stylised bridge with five spans signifying the bridge over the Great Ouse at Bedford .At the top is a shield with the bar motif of Bedford.
Good overall condition,pin clasp and safety roller catch all good.Unmarked to rear.Height 34mm

Code: 51570Price: 70.00 GBP

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Royal Infirmary Edinburgh,Brass Nurses pelican Badge
An unusual brass and enamel version of the nurses Pelican badge from the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh.It features the emblem of the Royal Infirmary,the Pelican feeding it's young with it's own blood,noted as a symbol of dedication and service to others. The Nurses League of the School of Nursing is still today known as the Pelican League;
The badge itself is in Good condition with only minor scuffs and no enamel damage or loss, as pictured. Pin and clasp both good.
It is engraved to the rear for M.J.McAdam(Margaret Jean who passed her hospital exams in 2/1944) 3684
It is unusual to see this badge in anything other than a silver or white metal finish and I believe this may a wartime austerity measure.If anyone can confirm I would be grateful.Height 29mm

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Royal Portsmouth Hospital,Silver Nurses Badge
A very nice silver and enamel Nurses badge for the Royal Portsmouth Hospital.It features the crest of Portsmouth in enamels with Royal Portsmouth Hospital on the blue band around the edge.Very good condition with only minor surface scratches.Pin and catch intact.The rear is engraved for E Keeton(Edith Mary Keeton gained her certificate 1919 to 1922) and is hallmarked for JP & S(John Pinches & son) Birmingham 1926.It also carries vendors marks for Purser Medallist Portsmouth.Height 32mm

Code: 51569Price: 70.00 GBP

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