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Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Nurses League Badge
A really nice chrome and enamel members badge from the Nurses League of the QE Hospital Birmingham.This pendant badge features the crest of the Hospital and is suspended from a pin back bar brooch bearing Nurses League on enamel.Pin and clasp intact ,if slightly loose.
Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Ltd Regent Street Birmingham.Height 41mm
This is a companion piece to the set of badges listed for J E Stibbs elsewhere on this site.

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Wanstead Hospital,Nurses badge
A brass and enamel Nurses badge for the Wanstead Hospital.Originally the Essex County Hospital it opened in 1938 and finally closed in 1986 when services were moved to Whipps Cross Hospital.The badge features a St Georges cross within a circle bearing the title Wanstead Hospital Forest Group.Imposed upon this is a white enamel Lamp of Learning.Condition is good.Pin and clasp intact.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Ltd Regent Street Birmingham.Height 32mm

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Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing,United Birmingham Hospitals,GNC pair
A trio of badges awarded to the same nurse Janette Elizabeth Stibbs who undertook her training in Birmingham.The first is from the Birmingham and Midland Eye Hospital and is a two piece composite badge.Recognised as an Ophthalmic Nurse training School in 1952,the badge consists of a bronze geneva cross upon which is a device taken from the arms of the city featuring the mural crown representing the walled city and the arm and hammer representing industry.This is all within a scroll bearing the Hospital title.The rear is marked J E Stibbs Nov 1955.Good condition with pin intact.
The second is a Bronze and enamel Nurses badge from the Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing in Birmingham.It shows the crest of the hospital between two stalks of Foxglove plants( noted for their medicinal use).This version postdates the similar badge for QE SoN Birmingham.This is marked to the rear Jeanette E.Stibbs. Condition good but slight bend to top corner.Pin and clasp intact but rather stiff.
The third item is a chrome and enamel badge from the General Nursing Council for England & Wales.This is engraved for J E Stibbs,SRN 290922 28.11.60.Her listing in the Register shows her as having joint training at the two hospitals.The condition is good but the pin is a crude replacement.
Also included is her membership badge for the Royal college of Nursing.
She appears to have later become a Queen's District Nurse and I am also listing separately her DN badge and an enamelled Queen's Nurse Car Badge.

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Victoria Hospital Blackpool, Nurses Badge
A base metal and enamel nurses badge for the Victoria Hospital Blackpool.In an oval shape bearing the figure of the goddess Hygeia over the crest of Blackpool,which features black and golden waves and a seagull relating to it's seaside location.
This is the SRN version with blue enamel to the edges.Good overall condition but with some enamel damage to the right rim & minor surface scratches.Pin and clasp has been lost and a modern replacement has been added.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Ltd Regent St Birmingham.Height 37mm

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The Royal College of Midwives,members Badge
An enamelled members badge from the Royal College of Midwives.This version was introduced after 1967 and features items taken from the college Coat of Arms.The central design features a shield bearing the star of Bethlehem denoting life.This is surrounded and supported by the Hands of the Midwife.The black and white border of the shield represents Night and Day.On the scroll at the base is the motto;Vita Donum Dei-Life is the Gift of God.The Royal College of Midwives appears on a blue band on the edge. Condition good,pin and clasp intact.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham

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Worcester Enrolled Nurse Training School,Nurses Badge
An enamel and chrome badge for the Worcester Enrolled Nurse Training School.The design features a Peartree,(Malvern)Hills and River(Severn) all associated with the area.The face of the badge is good,the pin,clasp and safety roller catch is good.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham.This dates this to between 1963 and 1982.Height 26mm

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British Red Cross Technical Medal,Trained Nurse
A Technical badge for the British Red Cross Society with a scarce original Trained Nurse bar.The badges were introduced in 1914 and discontinued in 1966,and could be worn by members of Voluntary Aid Detachments with professional qualifications.This one is for a "Trained Nurse" which predates the later "State Registered Nurse".
The low issue number suggests that this may been issued prior to 1922 when state registration was introduced.
The enamel cross is in very good condition and is named on the rear to 1310 A.MacDonald. The medal is suspended from the original cream silk ribbon with red stripes.The brass pin back buckle brooch is in good order
(There are unfortunately several possible A MacDonalds so I cannot definitively identify the recipient of this particular badge.)
Height 84mm

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Bolton Training School for Enrolled Nurses,Silver nurses Badge
A silver and enamel pendant badge from the Bolton Training School For Enrolled Nurses from the 1960s.The oval medal bears a caduceus or winged staff to the centre with the title on a green enamel border.This is suspended from a plain silver pin back bar brooch,on which the pin,clasp and safety roller catch are all good.The rear of the medal is engraved to M M Wallace 9.6.63 and bears hallmarks for Toye & Spencer Birmingham.The year letter is illegible due to rubbing.Height 43mm

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Eastbourne Nurses Training School,Nurses Badge
A chromed and enamel nurses badge from the Eastbourne Nurses Training School.The design features a shield bearing the crest of the town of Eastbourne with the motto "Meliora Sequimur"-We Follow the Better things.Condition good with pin,clasp and safety roller catch all good,if a bit stiff.Makers mark for Fattorini & Sons Ltd,36 Barr St ,BHam (This dates this between 1962 and 1967) Height 36mm

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St Paul's Hospital Cheltenham,nurses Badge
A white base metal pendant badge for St Paul's Hospital Cheltenham.Originally the Cheltenham Workhouse,the main buildings were demolished in the 1990s.The suspension bar bears the hospital title(a similar badge exists for Cheltenham Maternity Hospital) from which hangs a shield bearing emblems taken from the city's coat of arms.In good condition with minor surface wear.Pin,clasp and safety roller catch all in good order.Unmarked to the rear.Height 55mm

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