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Grimsby Group Assistant Nurse Training Schools,silver nurses badge plus GNC SEAN Badge
A pair of badges awarded to the same nurse.The first is from the General Nursing Council for England and Wales in brass and enamel.It is named for V Taylor SEAN(State Enrolled Assistant Nurse) 65044 9.1.59.Pin and clasp is good with safety chain in situ.This is Violet Taylor who is shown on the Roll as having trained at Springfield Hospital,Scartho, Grimsby.Component training with Scartho Road Hospital Grimsby and Cleethorpes Maternity Hospital.
The second item is a silver and enamel badge in the form of a Maltese cross with red arms and a central motif of a lamp of Learning.This is within a green enamel band bearing the hospital title.Some minor surface scratches and pin is missing.This named for V Taylor 1959 Hallmarks for TF (Thomas Fattorini) Birmingham 1959 Height 31mm

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Barrow And Furness Hospitals Group School of Nursing,Nurses badge
An enamelled Nurses pendant badge from the Barrow and Furness Hospitals Group School of Nursing.A pendant badge with the central design showing the coat of arms of Barrow and Furness topped by a Queen Elizabeth crown.The medal is suspended from a plain blue pin back suspension bar.Condition appears to be unissued.Unmarked to rear.Height 46mm

Code: 52619Price: 60.00 GBP

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Solihull Hospital Warwickshire,Nurses badge
A chrome and enamel nurses badge from Solihull Hospital/The central design shows the arms of Solihull on a red background.The hospital title appears on a green enamel band around the edge.Minor enamel chip near to the L of Solihull, stress marks to the rd background. Pin and clasp intact.Engraved for R.M.Walsh August 1960.This is Rita May Walsh who is shown as being on the Roll of Assistant Nurses 25.8.60. Makers mark for H W Miller Ltd B'ham 18 Height 34mm

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Nottingham School of Nursing, Silver Nurses Badge
A silver and enamel badge for the Nottingham School of Nursing.In very good overall condition, pin, clasp and safety roller catch all in good order.Makers marks for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham.Engraved for SEN M Anderson 163832 Hallmarked for TF Birmingham 1972 Height 28mm

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Lincoln County Hospital,Bronze Nurses Badge
A bronze metal and enamel Badge from the Lincoln County Hospital.It features the emblem from the arms of Lincoln,namely a shield with red cross and central Fleur de Lys.The hospital title is on a green enamel band to the edge.Good condition but with some very minor enamel damage to the edges,pin and clasp good.Unmarked to rear Height 28mm

Code: 52622Price: 45.00 GBP

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University College Hospital School of Nursing Nurses badge
A white metal and enamel Badge from the University Hospital School of Nursing.It features the Shield bearing the Hospital colours.In very good overall condition. Pin,clasp and safety roller catch all good.Marked to rear Spink London.Height 32mm
This is a more recent version and now scarce to find .Price reflects my purchase cost

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Baguley & Wythenshawe Hospitals Manchester,nurses badge
A brass and enamel badge from the Baguley & Wythenshawe Hospitals.Originally an Infectious Diseases Hospital and Sanatorium it was absorbed into the NHS in 1948 and became Wythenshawe Hospital. The design consists of integrated monograms for for SM & CM H (possibly South Manchester and ? Central Manchester Hospitals) Condition is good with pin clasp and safety roller catch all good.Height 22mm width 35mm Unmarked to rear

Code: 52614Price: 50.00 GBP

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Hertfordshire Voluntary Aid Detatchment, WW1 period badge
A small brass and enamel badge for the Herts Voluntary Aid Detatchment.Founded in 1909 to provide civilian nursing assistance to Military personnel in the event of conflict. They were probably most active during the First and Second World Wars.This is one of the county badges issued for the Hertfordshire VAD.It consists of a central figure of a Hart in a voided centre with the title on a red enamel border.Condition is good with pin and clasp intact.Makers mark for J R Gaunt.Height 26mm

Code: 52620Price: 35.00 GBP

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Providence Hospital St Helens,Nurses Badge
A scarce nurses badge from from the Providence Free Hospital St Helens.The Providence was founded by Mother Magdalen Taylor and her community of religious sisters calling themselves ‘The Poor Servants of the Mother of God’. She had served as a nurse in the Crimea, working with Florence Nightingale.
The shield shaped badge contains the monogram PHMG(Providence Hospital Mother of God?).The Latin phrase Salus Infirmorum (Health of the Sick) OPN appears at the top.Unmarked to rear.Condition is very good.Hight 32mm

Code: 52615Price: 45.00 GBP

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State Certified Midwife ,Badge with original Neck chord
An original Midwives badge from the 1920s. Generally in very good condition barring a minor ding to the enamel at the rim by the E of Midwife. It features it's original Neck chord and is named to J.C.Summers 73618 25.2.28. A popular badge in very good condition barring some surface rubbing.Height 50mm

Code: 52618Price: 50.00 GBP

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