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Royal Infirmary Edinburgh School of Nursing,Silver Nurses Badge
An ever popular silver and enamel Nurses badge from the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary,in very good condition. It features the emblem of the Royal Infirmary,the Pelican feeding it's young with it's own blood,noted as a symbol of dedication and service to others. The Nurses League of the School of Nursing is still today known as the Pelican League;
The badge itself is in very good condition Pin and clasp both good.
It is engraved to the rear for M.C. Hetherington 4512 . It bears hallmarks for H & I (Hamilton & Inches) Birmingham 1951 Height 29mm

Code: 52444Price: 65.00 GBP

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Dundee College of Nursing & Midwifery,Silver Registered Nurses Badge
A Silver and enamel Nurses badge from the Dundee College of Nursing & Midwifery.The badge was designed by a sister from the Midwifery section,the centre bears an almond tree, a symbol of Spring and rebirth.The wavy blue and white lines denote water, the river Tay and nine wells being a feature of the area.The straight lines to the right denote the various disciplines within the hospital,Different coloured bands around the edge reflect the training branches with blue representing Registered nurse training.In very good condition with only minor surface wear.The pin, clasp and safety roller catch are all good.Hallmarks unclear but for Fattorini & Sons Birmingham 1966?.Height 33mm

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Maryfield General Hospital Dundee,Silver Nurses badge
A silver and enamel nurses badge from the Maryfield General Hospital in Dundee.It features the crest of Dundee bordered by a blue enamel band with the hospital name.Condition is generally good although there are a couple of chips to the enamel..The pin has been lost and an old repair has been made using a safety pin and solder.It is named to Isabella Austin Bishop McRitchie(she is shown in the Scottish register as I A B Alexander nee McRitchie) registering in October 1950 having trained at Maryfield. Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Limited Birmingham.Hallmarked for TF Birmingham 1945.Height 26mm

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Manfield Orthopaedic Hospital Northampton,Nurses Badge
A scarce Orthopaedic Nurse training badge from the Manfield Orthopaedic hospital Northampton.Originally opened in 1925, as the Manfield Hospital for Crippled Children, it finally closed in the early 1990s.The site now being used for apartments and is called Manfield Grange.
The badge looks to date to the 1970s and bears the arms of Northampton above the motto Fac.Recte.Nil.Time.

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Princess Margaret Hospital Swindon
A Brass and enamel Nurses badge for the Princess Margaret Hospital Swindon.It features the arms of Swindon with the motto"Salubritas et Industria"-Health and Industry. In good condition with pin and safety catch intact.(The catch has been professionally replaced.)Unmarked to the rear
I believe that this is the badge for State Enrolled Nurse training
Height 25mm

Code: 52437Price: 50.00 GBP

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General Nursing Council for England & Wales,Chrome RMN Badge
A chrome and enamel badge for the General Nursing Council for England & Wales.In good overall condition with minimal surface rubbing.Pin & clasp in good order,It is engraved RNM,Registered Mental Nurse 54240 ( This unnamed example dates to the mid 70s when only the type of registration and number were recorded on the badge) Makers marks for Thomas Fattorini Limited Birmingham.Height 27mm

Code: 52436Price: 30.00 GBP

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Nottingham School of Nursing, Nurses Badge
A chromed metal and enamel badge for the Nottingham School of Nursing.In good overall condition but with some minor blemishes. Pin, clasp and safety roller catch all in good order.Makers marks for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham. Height 28mm

Code: 52435Price: 55.00 GBP

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Bath Royal United Hospital,Silver Nurses Badge
A Silver and enamel Nurses badge from the Royal United Hospital Bath,It features the three overlapping shields bearing the Geneva Red Cross,Arms of Bath and the Royal Standard.Condition is good although there is slight enamel loss to the white on the red cross shield.The clasp and safety roller catch have been professionally replaced, a security chain is fitted .Engraved for CAD Mills1942-1947.Silver marks for AF(Anthony Fattorini) Birmingham Sterling silver, vendors mark for Gilmer Bath Height 32mm

Code: 52434Price: 65.00 GBP

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Olive Mount Children's Hospital Liverpool.Silver nurses Badge
A rare silver and enamel nurses badge from the Olive Mount Children's Hospital in Liverpool.In a rectangular shape,the design features an infant in a cot in the shadow of a Mountain flanked by trees and rushes.The hospital title appears on a blue enamel band around the edge.In excellent condition with pin and clasp intact.It bears hallmarks for V&S (Vaughton and Sons) Birmingham 1952. Dimensions 32mm by 29mm
A rare and desirable badge, I'm afraid the price reflects my purchase cost

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Coventry City Hospital,Nurses badge
A nice clean nurses badge from the City Hospital Coventry dating to the 1950s.Previously the Workhouse for Coventry,it became the Munipal hospital in 1929 and was also latterly known as Gulson Hospital.The design features the elephant and castle on a red and green background taken from the city's crest.
Condition is very good with enamel intact and only minor surface scratches.Pin and clasp is good.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Limited Regent street Birmingham.Height 32mm

Code: 52432Price: 60.00 GBP

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