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Southmead Hospital Bristol,Nursing Badge set.
A group of four badges awarded to the same nurse in the 1970s.The first is a chrome and enamel badge for the General Nursing Council for England and Wales.In good condition with pin and clasp good.Named to A M Dowding SRN 425987 28.7.70.
The next is an enamelled badge for Southmead Hospital Bristol.Unfortunately this has sustained some damage, particularly to the lower right tip which has resulted in enamel loss.Pin and clasp intact.Named to A M Dowding February 1970.
The third item is an enamelled badge for the Central Midwives Board for Scotland.Very good condition barring one very small chip to the bottom scroll.Pin and clasp intact.Name for 41233 A M Dowding 31.5.73 .Unfortunately the hospital where this lady did her midwifery training is unknown.
Lastly the is a small Union badge for the Confederation of Health Service Employees(CoHSE)

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Queen's Hospital For Children,Nurses Badge Group
A group of four badges awarded to the same nurse during her career.The first is a silver and enamel badge from the General Nursing Council for England and Wales.In good condition with only minimal damage to the enamel near the N of Nursing.The pin and clasp are good and a safety chain is in situ.It is engraved for W.M.Bettridge RSCN 2686 23.11.34.The second item is an original brass pendant badge for the Queen's Institute of District Nursing which features the Royal Cypher VRI topped by the imperial crown.In very condition with original blue and white neck chord.It is numbered to the rear 6780 Hight 59mm
The third is a silver and enamel badge for the Queen's Hospital For Children Nurses League,The design consists of a five petalled Rose inside which is a Lamp of Learning surrounded by a blue enamel band bearing the title,The badge is topped by a crown.Condition is good with pin and clasp is good.Hallmarked for AR&S (Alfred Rosen & Son) Birmingham 1938.Height 45mm
The last item is a silver and enamel members badge for the Royal College of Nursing issued between 1963 and 1975.This bears the coat of arms of the college around which the blue enamel band has the title Royal College of Nursing & National Council of Nurses of the United Kingdom.Condition is good however it is missing its pin. Numbered 133562, hallmarked for JRG&S Birmingham 1967.Winifred Maud Bettridge was recorded in the GNC register as a RSCN on 23.11.34.Interestingly she also appears in the register of 1966, presumably having re registered then?

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Portsmouth Group School of Nursing, Nurses badge
A chrome and enamel nurses badge from the Portsmouth Group School of Nursing,dating to the mid 1970s. The group consisted of Queen Alexandra Hospital,St Mary's General Hospital,Royal Portsmouth Hospital,Gosport War Memorial Hospital and
St James' Hospital.
The design features a white cross of St John with the rose of Hampshire to the centre.Above this a shield bearing the star and crescent motif of Portsmouth.The title Portsmouth Group School of Nursing appears on a white band around the edge.Condition is good with pin and clasp in good order.Unmarked to rear.

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Mildmay Hospital Bethnal Green,Silver Nurses Badge
Also known as the Mildmay Mission Hospital,set up in London's East End,it was originally staffed with Christian Deaconesses.This badge in silver and enamel dates to the 1960s.In good condition with pin and clasp intact and safety chain in situ. Hallmarked silver and carries makers marks T&S (Turner & Simpson)for Birmingham 1964.Height 29mm

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Hull School of Nursing,State Enrolled Nursing Pair of badges.
A pair of badges to the same nurse for her Enrolled Nurse Training.The first is for the General Nursing Council for England & Wales for SEN Training, this being named to P G Burton SEN 144226 14.2.72. Condition is good with pin and clasp intact.Height 27mm
The second is an enamelled badge from the Hull School of Nursing for SEN Training.It consists of the three crowns emblems of Hull in front of the Rod of Asclepius, all on a green enamel background.Two or three small chips to the enamel in places but otherwise good.Pin Clasp and safety roller catch are all good.Named for Burton P G Autumn 1971.Makers mark for Marples and Beasley Birmingham Height 36mm

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Lister Hospital School of Nursing,Enrolled Nurses badge
A brass and enamel Nurses badge from the Lister Hospital Stevenage.It consists of the coat of arms of the Lister family with the addition of a rod of Asclepius.This is above a scroll bearing the latin motto Fides Salus Pietas-Loyalty,Health ,Duty.
Good overall condition.Pin back fitting and roller catch in good order .Marked to rear K K Jackson SEN 13257012.8.70 .Height 38mm

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The Nursing Sisters of St John The Divine,Nurses badge
A rare nurses badge in white metal for the Anglican Nursing Order of St John The Divine.The badge takes the form of a St Johns or Pattee cross in white metal on which is imposed an eagle with halo clutching a scroll, emblems associated with St John .This is suspended from a red and white striped silk ribbon.Condition is good although there are scratch marks to one arm of the cross.
I do have a later version from the 1920s but believe this may date to the late 19th or early 20th century.It is unfortunately not hallmarked or dated but an interesting piece of nursing history.The Nursing Sisters of St John also form the basis for the TV Series Call The Midwife. See;

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Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital Exeter ,Nurses Badge
Founded in 1927 and opened by the Duchess of York for her daughter Elizabeth, the current queen.Although the Nurse training school started in 1932 the first badges were not awarded until 1969.It consists of a pale blue greek cross with a white rose of York to the centre.Around this is a dark blue band on which is Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital .Excellent condition with pin, clasp and safety roller catch all intact.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham Height 32mm

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The East Surrey District School Of Nursing, silver nurses badge
A silver and enamel Nurses badge from the 1980s for this Training school based at Redhill. The central image is of an oak tree with four acorn finials at N,S E & W .It is in good condition with pin and safety catch intact and no enamel damage. Bears Birmingham hall marks for 1988 and makers mark Fattorini Birmingham.Height 35mm

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Miller General Hospital Greenwich,SEN Nurses Badge
A Heavy enamelled composite badge for the Miller General Hospital in Greenwich .This badge depicts a central motif of a snake wound around a trident,rather like a nautical version of the Caduceus This is on a central boss with the Hospital title around the edge.Behind this is a Navy blue pattee cross on a pale blue enamel background.Condition good, pin and clasp good.Unmarked to rear.I believe this version of badge was awarded for State Enrolled Nurse Training within the group. Height 32mm I believe that there were at least three hospitals within the group that issued the same badge with different wording.

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