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The Hospital for Sick Children,Great Ormond Street London,Silver Nurses Badge
An increasingly scarce silver and enamel nurses badge of the Hospital for Sick Children,Great Ormond Street,London. A very ornate badge which is in good condition barring a small chip by the L of London and some minor surface scratching , Pin, clasp and safety roller catch in good order.Hallmarked for Birmingham, Fattorini and Son with year letter for 1953.Height 28mm

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Medico Psycholocial Association Silver prize medal, Birmingham Asylums
A pair of badges awarded to to the same nurse for Mental Nurse training at the Birmingham Asylums during the First World War.The first is the standard bronze MPA pendant badge which features a Maltese cross with the goddess Psyche to the centre.The arms bear the words For Proficiency in Mental Nursing.Minor surface rubbing pin and clasp intact.Named to the rear for Katherine H Kendrick.Height 52mm
The second item is a silver medal in the form of a St Johns cross with concave arms and convex ends.To the centre are the arms of the City of Birmingham.Three arms bear the Thistle,Rose and Shamrock and the fourth is inscribed with the date May 1916.The rear is inscribed" Presented by the Birmingham Asylums Committee to Katherine H Kendrick For Gaining Certificate of Proficiency in Nursing of the Medico Psychological Association of Great Britain and Ireland.Whilst I believe this to be of Silver it is unmarked as such.Some signs of surface wear and minor scratches but still retains some of the original silk suspension ribbon.Height 36mm

Code: 52403Price: 95.00 GBP

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Glenfrith Hospital Leicester,Silver Mental Nurses Badge
A silver gilt and enamel nurses badge for the Glenfrith Mental Hospital Leicester.The design features a figure surrounded by trees heading towards the rays of the sun.The latin motto Ex Umbris In Lucem - Out of Darkness into light appears on a scroll at the base.Condition is good ,pin and clasp in good order.Silver hallmarks for TF Birmingham 1970 Height 30mm

Code: 52399Price: 40.00 GBP

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West Essex Health Authority ,Silver Nurses badge (Green)
A silver and enamel badge for the West Essex Health Authority Nurse training course.Established in 1982 it superseded Harlow Health District and included Honey Lane Hospital and the War Memorial Hospital at Waltham Abbey,Ongar War Memorial,Epping Cottage and St Margaret's Hospital Epping.
Issued in three different colour variations for the different branches of training,this is the Green(ENG) version.Excellent unissued condition Pin,catch and safety roller catch all good.Hallmarks for Thomas Fattorini Birmingham 1986 Height 33mm

Code: 52398Price: 35.00 GBP

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The Middlesex Hospital,Nurses Badge
A brass and enamel nurses badge from the Middlesex Hospital.This is the later version as previously the staff would wear the badge of the Nurses League. This badge features the arms and motto of the Hospital "MIseris Succurrere Disco" meaning "I Learn(or Endeavour) to succour the unfortunate". Condition is generally good with some minor surface scratches.The original pin has been lost and a temporary replacement is in place.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham Height 28mm

Code: 52397Price: 50.00 GBP

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Star and Garter Home Richmond, cased VAD nurses medal
This opened in 1916 by the British Red Cross Society as a home for disabled ex servicemen at the Star and Garter Hotel in Richmond.This lovely medal takes the form of a bronze angel with outspread wings supporting a wounded figure.An enamelled red cross can be seen to the top. Condition is good.The rear is engraved for Miss Enid Callard December 1931.The BRCS records show her as service as a VAD during the war; .We assume that she continued to work at the home in the years following the war. Image 5 shows a contemporary poster for the home as context.
Height 53mm
This comes in a fitted velvet lined wooden case which is also in a good condition.

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The Middlesex Hospital,Nurses League Badge
The Middlesex Hospital was one of those that did not originally award a hospital badge,as such,to its finalists.Rather they often received the badge of the Hospital's Nurses League,set up in 1931.This badge features the arms and motto of the Hospital "MIseris Succurrere Disco" meaning "I Learn(or Endeavour) to succour the unfortunate" In chrome and enamel,in fair overall condition with moderate wear to the silver plated finish and some stress fractures to the enamel.This is reflected in the price.Please refer to pictures.Pin and clasp intact.Marked to the rear Lorna M Hughes 1938-43.Height 29mm

Code: 52393Price: 45.00 GBP

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Derby School of Nursing,Nurses badge
A Base metal and enamel badge from the Derby School of Nursing.In Good overall condition but with enamel damage to several areas around the edge .Pin and safety roller catch all in good order.Makers mark to the rear Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham Height 32mm

Code: 52385Price: 45.00 GBP

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Townleys Hospital Bolton,Silver Nurses Badge.
A nurses silver and enamel pendant badge from Townleys Hospital Bolton.This was originally the Workhouse Infirmary before the abolition of the Poor Law Guardians in 1930.It was renamed Townleys Hospital until it was renamed as Townleys Annexe in 1948.This octagonal badge features the coat of arms of the city surrounded by the Rose motifs of Lancashire.It hangs from a plain silver pin back bar brooch. In very good condition, pin and clasp good.Makers marks for Thomas Fattorini Limited Birmingham.Silver hallmarks for TF Birmingham 1940.Height 47mm

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Royal Hospital & Home For Incurables,Putney,Nurses Badge
A brass badge from the Royal Hospital & Home For Incurables Putney. Originally Voluntary Hospitals would refuse to accept patients with chronic conditions so the Hospital was established in 1855 to address this need .This badge post dates 1917 when the Hospital gained it's Royal charter and acquired this title.It features a Queens crown to the centre.A garter belt around the edge bears the phrase " All The Good For the Good of All " Condition is good, pin and clasp also good.Height 28mm

Code: 52383Price: 40.00 GBP

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