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Royal Southern Hospital Liverpool,Silver Nurses Badge
A popular silver nurses badge from the Royal Southern Hospital Liverpool.In good condition although with a number of minor surface scratches.Pin and clasp is good and a silver safety chain is in situ.Hallmarked for WJD ( William James Dingley) Birmingham 1948.Height 38mm
I am also listing a prize medal for the Royal Southern which I believe is a match to this.

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Lister Hospital Stevenage,Nurses Badge
A brass and enamel Nurses badge from the Lister Hospital Stevenage.It consists of a shield bearing the coat of arms of the Lister family with the addition of a rod of Asclepius.This is above a scroll bearing the latin motto Fides Salus Pietas-Loyalty,Health ,Duty.Good overall condition.Pin back fitting in good order although slightly loose.Unmarked to rear.Height 34mm

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Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre,Nurses Badge
A Brass and enamel Nurses badge awarded to nurses who completed their Orthopaedic training at this hospital near Oxford.The badge features two shields bearing the arms of Oxford and the University with the rod of serpent of Aesculapius signifying Medicine.Generally good condition although with minor surface marks Pin intact.Marked to rear K.A .Heavens 1971.Height 35mm

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Royal Sussex County Hospital Brighton, Nurses Bar Brooch Badge
A brass and enamel Bar brooch for the Royal Sussex County Hospital Brighton.This pattern was in use in the 1920s and consists of the initials RSCH in brass on a red enamel background edged in white enamel.The lozenge shaped badge is 44mm long by 9mm tall.Pin back is in good order.

Code: 51689Price: 30.00 GBP

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East Berkshire School of Nursing,Nurses Badge
An enamelled badge for the East Berkshire School of Nursing.It replaced what had been the Windsor School of Nursing and still featured a design showing Windsor Castle within a laurel wreath.In very good condition with enamel in excellent state,Pin ,clasp and safety roller catch all in good order,safety chain also in situ.Makers mark for Fattorini Tel.021.236.5521 Height 34mm

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St Mary's Hospital Paddington,Nurses Badge
A Popular Large nurses badge from St Mary's Hospital Paddington.Nicknamed the St Mary's Penny,the badge's face features the Madonna and child from the Hospital's seal.the reverse bears the latin motto " Quodcunque Facere Potest Manus Instanter Operare" around the edge,this translates as"Whatever thy hand is able to ,do it earnestly" This badge is named to E.A.Stephens 1944-1948.Good condition but with one or two knocks to the edges in places .Pin is intact .Height 45mm

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PLEASE NOTE; I shall be having an extended break from the end of October until the beginning of December,whilst we go off to Australia.If considering any purchases please note that my last date for processing orders will be 20th October.Any orders received after this will not be completed until early December
Thank you

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Nightingale School of Nursing,GNC Badge Pair
A pair of badges awarded to the same nurse for her training at the famous Nightingale School of Nursing at St Thomas' Hospital London
They consist of a Silver Nurses Badge from the Nightingale School of Nursing of St Thomas' Hospital London.In Very Good overall condition .Issued to Jeanette A Beaven 1955.Marked Loyalty .Pin and clasp good .Safety chain in situ.
A good example of it's kind for which demand still greatly outweighs supply .Please email with any questions.height 40mm
The second badge is the accompanying Chrome and enamel SRN Badge for the General Nursing Council for England & Wales, named to J A Beaven SRN 218710 30.11.54 Height 27mm

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Charing Cross Hospital Nurses Medal (post 1973)
A popular nurses badge from the Charing Cross Hospital in an untouched condition.The distinctive and popular State Registered Nurses medal is the later version of the medal issued after 1973 and consists of a combined cross and ribbon made up from the badges of Charing Cross,West London and Fulham Hospitals.This two piece medal features a riveted Blue cross in the centre.The motto FAMAM EXTENDERE FACTIS-WE EXTEND OUR FAME THROUGH OUR DEEDS.
Engraved to rear T.J.Wilkinson.It it's original plain white box with pencilled name to the front. Medal height 40mm,Drop with ribbon 105mm

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Bolton School of Nursing,Silver Enrolled Nurses Badge
A silver and enamel Nurses badge for Enrolled Nurse Training at the Bolton School of Nursing.The trefoil shaped badge bears a central design of a caduceus topped by a red rose of Lancashire.The title is on a green enamel band around the edge.
Condition is very good with enamel intact and pin,clasp and safety roller catch all in god order.Makers mark for Fattorini Birmingham.Named for R E Kirkpatrick.Silver Hallmarks for TF Birmingham

Code: 51674Price: 50.00 GBP

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