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Guild of Saint Barnabas,Christian Nursing Society,Bronze Medal
Founded in 1876,the Guild was intended to offer support and advice to Nurses within the Church of England.Saint Barnabas was associated with the healing of the sick and the medal shows him on one side surrounded by thistles ,with Guild of Saint Barnabas ,Son of Consolation around the edge.The reverse side shows the Pieta,with the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Christ beneath the Cross.Around the edge is a quotation taken from Matthew 25.40 ;In As Much As Ye have Done It Unto One Of The Least Of These My Brethren Ye Have Done It Unto Me.
The medal was worn either on a silk neck ribbon or chord and this one has the remains of its original chord.Medal condition is good with only minimal surface wear
A nice early Nurses medal emphasising the links to the Christian heritage.
Medal height 48mm

Code: 51951Price: 30.00 GBP

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National Union of Trained Nurses,silver members badge
A rare silver and enamel pendant badge for the Nation Union of Trained Nurses.Originally formed as the Nurses Social Union to promote the development of professional nursing through lectures and exhibitions prior to the First World War.It changed it's title to the NUTN in 1913 and was one of the diverse nursing groups which was seen as a rival to the College of Nursing upon it's formation in 1916.The organisation was dissolved in 1923 but continued to administer grants for several years.
This silver members badge is in a very good condition with no damage to the enamel.The suspension bar has pin and clasp intact,it bears the motto Per Ardua Ad Astra- By Endeavour to the Stars( The same as the Royal Air Force).It carries full Birmingham hallmarks for 1916 and makers marks for WOL being W O Lewis.It is inscribed with the membership number 163 Height 42mm
A scarce badge in unusually fine condition.

Code: 51936Price: 150.00 GBP

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General Nursing Council for England & Wales,State Enrolled Nurses badge
A good clean bronze and enamel State Enrolled Nurses badge from the General Nursing Council for England & Wales.In generally good clean condition .Pin, clasp and safety roller catch are good.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Regent street Birmingham,Engraved for SEN 208910
Height 28m

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General Nursing Council for England & Wales,State Enrolled Assistant Nurses badge
A bronze and enamel State Enrolled Assistant Nurses badge from the General Nursing Council for England & Wales.In good condition but with some surface scratches.Pin and clasp are good and safety chain is in situ.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Regent street Birmingham,Engraved for C M B Borain SEAN 48626 24.2.509 ( Cecilia Mary Bridget Borain,nee Adolph),she appears again in the Roll in the mid 1960s having remarried once again as C M B Codling!
Height 28m
The word Assistant was removed from the title in 1961.

Code: 51914Price: 25.00 GBP

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State Certified Midwife badge
A pin back badge for the Central Midwives Board State Certified Midwife as issued upto it's demise in 1983.In good clean condition with pin and clasp intact.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham.Height 36mm

Code: 51902Price: 45.00 GBP

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Royal College of Nursing,Silver Members Badge 1930-46
An original members badge for the Royal College of Nursing,of the pattern issued during the wartime years 1939-46.In white metal (marked Sterling )with the intertwined letters RCN topped by the King's Crown.It retains it's pin and clasp and is marked for the maker J R Gaunt London.It bears the membership number 54959 Height 33mm

Code: 51856Price: 35.00 GBP

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Royal College of Nursing & National Council of Nurses of the United Kingdom,Silver Members Badge
A scarce model of a Royal College of Nursing members badge which was in use from 1963 to 1975.In silver and enamel,it features the crest of the college in a voided centre.The shield bears a sun and three stars symbolising day and night.This is topped by an open book and roman lamp symbolising learning and nursing.A red scroll at the base bears the latin Tradimus Lampada-We Pass on the Torch.The wording around the edge reflects the amalgamation of the two bodies.Condition generally good with some surface scratches.The pin has been replaced,safety roller catch is good.Hallmarked for J R Gaunt & Son,Birmingham 1967.Membership number 134975 to rear.Height 39mm

Code: 51849Price: 35.00 GBP

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Orthopaedic Nursing Certificate,SRN Badge
seven sided enamelled nurses badge for the Orthopaedic Nursing Certificate.First issued in 1974 it features a twisted plane tree with it's trunk bound to a post,an allusion to a splinted fracture.The badge became obsolete in 1983 with the formation of the UKCC.Good condition with minor surface scratches .Pin and catch intact .Makers marks for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham.Height 29mm

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Jersey Nursing Association,members Badge
A small Enamelled members badge for the Jersey Nurses Association in the Channel Islands.This is a Trade Union which ,from memory,was set up in the late 1970s or early 80s to meet particular local issues.
The badge consist of a red saltire on a white background with a shield bearing the three leopards of Normandy topped by a Plantagenate crown,the flag of Jersey.The initials JNA appear in the quarters and Jersey Nursing Association appears in gold on a green border.A modern pin back fixing is to the rear.Height 30mm

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General Nursing Council,Male Nurses Register Silver badge
A silver and enamel badge from the GNC for England & Wales.This being a rarer one in that it was awarded to to a Man on the Male Nurse register.In good clean condition with minimal surface wear,button hole fixture.It is named to F.Ellis S.R.N. 510. 22.11.40
(This is Fred Ellis who trained at the City of Bradford Municipal General(St Lukes)Hospital 1937-1940)

Height 27mm.Silver hallmark for 1938.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Limited Birmingham. The issue date is late for a silver badge as these were discontinued in favour of chrome as a wartime austerity measure in late 1939 early 1940.I assume that the GNC may have still retained stocks of the rarer Buttonhole fixture version for men and thus these may appear later than the female pin backs.

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