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The Northern Ireland Council for Nurses and Midwives,State Enrolled Nurse Badge
A scarce chrome and enamel badge for Enrolled Nurse Training with the Northern Ireland Council For Nurses and Midwives.The oval badge has the Red Hand of Ulster on a blue enamel background.Condition is good with enamel intact(these are prone to damage).Pin and clasp good.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham.Engraved for M J Lee 3860 This may be Mary Jane Wilkinson (nee Lee) who is shown as having been entered onto the Roll of Nurses on 26.2.65 Height 42mm

Code: 52715Price: 60.00 GBP

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Diploma in Orthopaedic Nursing
seven sided enamelled nurses badge for the Diploma in Orthopaedic Nursing .First issued in 1974 it features a twisted plane tree with it's trunk bound to a post,an allusion to a splinted fracture.The badge became obsolete in 1983 with the formation of the UKCC.Good condition with minor surface scratches but retaining most of its plated finish .Pin and catch intact, safety chain in situ .Makers marks for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham.Height 29mm A scarce item, seldom seen on the market nowadays.

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Royal Medico Psychological Association,Silver members badge
A silver and enamel badge awarded by the Royal Medico-Psychological Association for Mental Nurse training .This organisation had been responsible for organising the training of Nurses in Asylums since 1890 and colonies since 1919.Later to become the Royal College of Psychiatrists it had been the only officially recognised qualification in Mental Nursing until 1921.
This pattern of badge,issued between 1926-51 was designed to be worn on the outdoor uniform and came in Certificated Mental Nurse and Certified Mental Deficiency Nurse variants.
This badge for Mental Nursing is in very good condition barring some minor surface scratches,Engraved to C McGovern 29010 it is hallmarked for WD&S(W M Dowler & Sons) for 1931.Height 30mm

Code: 52696Price: 25.00 GBP

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Royal College of Nursing Dress badge plus SNA
A trio of badges for the Royal College of Nursing and student Nurses Association. They consist of the current pattern dress badge featuring the College's Coat of Arms.Condition is good.The second is the Student Nurses Association badge prior to its amalgamation with the RCN.The last is the small "Sunburst " Members badge from the 1960s and 70s.GFor condition see pictures.

Code: 52694Price: 30.00 GBP

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Royal College of Nursing, Nurses Badge 1939-46
An original members badge for the Royal College of Nursing,of the pattern issued during the wartime years 1939-46.In white metal with the intertwined letters RCN topped by the King's Crown.It retains it's pin and clasp and is marked for the maker J R Gaunt London.It bears the membership number 43725 Height 33mm

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College of Nursing,Silver Members Badge
An original Silver members badge from the College of Nursing( Now the Royal College of Nursing).Featuring the letters C and N in silver on a blue enamel background with the title The College of Nursing Founded MCMXVI (1916)around the rim.The Rose,Thistle,Leek and Shamrock emblems feature at each quarter.
To the rear it features the registration number of the design and the membership number 19719.These badges were first issued after 1920 and this membership number would date to around 1920/21.It is marked for Sterling Silver and makers marks J R Gaunt London.
Condition very good,with only minor surface scratches.Pin & clasp in good order.Height 38mm

Code: 52692Price: 35.00 GBP

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Ophthalmic Nursing Board,Proficiency SEN Nurses badge
First presented in 1976,the Badge given out by the Ophthalmic Nursing Board features the Geneva red cross upon which an eye is placed centrally,this is surrounded by the title ONB in Blue with the word Diploma for State Registered Nurses and in Green with the word Proficiency for State Enrolled Nurses.Good condition with pin clasp and safety roller catch all intact,some surface scratches.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Regent street Birmingham.the badge became obsolete in 1983 with the creation the UKCC.Height 29mm

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The National Nursery Examination Board,Silver Nursery nurse badge
A silver and enamel badge for the National Nursery Examination Board.In good overall condition, pin,clasp and safety roller catch are all good.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham.Silver hallmarks for TF Birmingham 1975.Safety chain in situ.Height 29mm

Code: 52627Price: 30.00 GBP

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National Asylum Workers Union
A rare members badge for the National Asylum Workers Union.Founded in 1910,The new union’s slogan, “All for one and one for all: thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”, was adopted early on at the same meeting, at the Boar’s Head Hotel, Preston, on 24 September 1910, at which the union was named. The first half of the slogan can be seen on the union’s badge.
By July 1912, the NAWU had 5,400 members and a paid general secretary, the Rev HMS Bankart, a former mental hospital chaplain. It affiliated to the Labour Party in 1915 and to the TUC in 1923.The union changed its name in 1930 to the Mental Hospital and Institutional Workers Union before becoming COHSE in 1946. The brass and enamel badge is in good overall condition with pin and clasp fitting intact.Marked to rear Fattorini Bradford.Height 28mm

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State Certified Midwife ,Badge with original Neck chord
An original Midwives badge from the 1920s. Generally in very good condition barring a minor ding to the enamel at the rim by the E of Midwife. It features it's original Neck chord and is named to J.C.Summers 73618 25.2.28. A popular badge in very good condition barring some surface rubbing.Height 50mm

Code: 52618Price: 50.00 GBP

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