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Camberwell Infirmary Medal/ Royal British Nursing Association set Brazilla Fanstone Masters
An interesting grouping of Badges ,medal and buckle belonging to one nurse, mounted up for display in a box frame.They consist of a prize medal for Camberwell Infirmary London for Nursing Ability and General Efficiency, dated 1913.The rear is named for Brazilla Fanstone.Unmarked metal but I believe it may be gilt silver. With original blue silk ribbon in rather worn condition.
The second item is the bronze metal pendant members badge for the Royal British Nurses Association.This is named on the reverse for Brazilla Fanstone(but unusually not numbered).She is listed in the RBNA records as having registered in April 1913 as number 5010.
The third item is a rare silver and enamel Pendant badge for the Diploma in Nursing from the Royal British Nurses Association.In excellent condition, this is named for Brazilla Fanstone Masters. Makers marks for Spencer of london. Silver hallmarks for RS Birmingham 1915.
Lastly there is a hallmarked silver two piece buckle with ornate scrolls and leaves.This is hallmarked for Charles Horner Birmingham 1900. Size is width 119mm height 65mm,
Mounted in a glazed box frame 22cm by 22cm(Please ask if you don't require this frame.Thanks

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Hartlepools School of Nursing, nurses badges set.
A trio of badges awarded to the same nurse, two being silver. The first is a silver and enamel badge for the General Nursing Council for Scotland for Enrolled Assistant Nurse training.In good general condition barring some discolouration to lower edge.Pin and clasp are good.Makers mark for Hamilton & Inches Edinburgh.Named for A Cooper 4399,Hallmarks for H&I Birmingham.This is Annie Cooper who is shown on the Scottish Roll as having registered in /5/1957 at Morningside Hospital Aberdeen( No matching badge is included unfortunately)
The second badge is a lovely silver and enamel pendant badge for the Hartlepools School of Nursing.The design consists of a pale blue St John's or Maltese cross suspended from a silver pin back Suspension bar with the school title .In excellent condition with pin clasp and safety roller catch all good.Engraved for A Cooper June 1962, Hallmarked for TF Birmingham 1961 height 40mm.The third item is a chrome and enamel badge for the General Nursing Council for England and Wales.This is named for A Cooper SRN 315446 13.8.62.In good condition with pin and clasp good.

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Worksop Victoria Hospital Training School/Western Australia set of nursing & Midwifery badges.
A group of four badges awarded to the same nurse during her training both in the UK and Australia.
The first is the General Nursing Council for England & Wales chrome and enamel "Hygeia" badge.In good condition with pin and clasp in good order.It is named for K L Glassford SRN 387530 28.11.67.This is Katherine Lillias Glassford who is shown on the register as having trained at Victoria and Kilton Hospitals Worksop.
The second is a silver and enamel badge for the Worksop Victoria Hospital.The shield shaped badge has two figures from the Worksop coat of arms, the Knight and the Forester,which represent the Furnival family and the local Sherwood Forest.These support a letter V for Victoria above a Geneva cross.Condition is excellent.Named for Katherine Lillias Glassford November 1967.Hallmarks for Thomas Fattorini Birmingham 1968.
Third and fourth are base metal and enamel badges for the Nurses Registration Board of Western Australia.One being for registered nursing and the other for Midwifery training.Both feature the Black Swan, famously associated with the state and Perth itself.The first is engraved for K L Glassford AG 17154 and the second K L Glassford AM 17183. An interesting group to one nurse and midwife.

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Leeds General Infirmary/Queen Mary's Hospital for Children Nursing Badge group V M Mann
A group of four badges belonging to the same nurse Violet Marjorie Mann for her training during the 1930s and 40s.The first is a silver and enamel badge for the General Nursing Council for England and Wales.This marked to the rear for V M Mann RSCN 3704 24.6 38.(Violet Marjorie Mann is shown in the GNC register as having trained at the Queen May's Hospital for Children from 1934 to 1937)Condition is good with pin and clasp intact although slightly loose.Height 27mm
Accompanying this comes a lovely silver and enamelled LCC badge from the Queen Mary's Hospital for Children.In excellent condition with pin, clasp and safety roller catch all good.This is hallmarked for F&S Birmingham 1931.Height 31mm.The third item is a members badge from the Student Nurses Association in base metal and enamel.This features the nurses lamp of learning within a laurel wreath flanked by two roses..Condition is good.Height 27mm.
Lastly is a silver and enamel badge for the General Infirmary at Leeds.Once again in good condition with only minor enamel damage to the rim in places.Pin and clasp good.This is named to V M Mann 1937-1941.Hallmarked for JF Birmingham 1940.Height 31mm. A nice typical nursing group from the period when many nurses went from one speciality training to another in relatively short periods.

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East Glamorgan Hospital/Lancaster District/GNC Trio of Nurses badges
A set of three badges awarded to the same nurse.The first being a chrome and enamel badge from the East Glamorgan Hospital featuring a red Welsh dragon on a green background, in excellent condition.Pin, clasp and safety roller catch all good.Named to A R Parsonage Feb.1973.Height 38mm
The second badge is for the Lancaster District School of Nursing,for RMN training.Once again this is in excellent condition with pin, clasp and safety roller catch all in good order.This has makers marks for Thomas Fattorini,Regent Street Birmingham.Once again this is named to A.R.Parsonage 1976.Height 32mm
The third item is a chrome and enamel Badge for the General Nursing Council for England and Wales.In good condition with pin and clasp intact.It is numbered to the rear RMN 52177 28mm

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Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve/Staffordshire Badge and Medal Group
A nice group of badges and Military nursing items to one nurse, collectively mounted in a box frame. They chart the nursing career of Henrietta Boulton, born in Grimsby on 19/10/1910.They include her silver badge for SRN training at Staffordshire General Hospital from 1934-37.She then went on to complete her RFN Training at Rush Green Hospital Essex from1938-39.Her next training was for her CMB at Salisbury and Northampton from 1939-41.She then appears to have joined the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve and served from 1942 to 1946. Her silver tippet medal ,rank pip and War and Defence medal are included ,including her members badge for the Queen Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corps Association. A Royal College of Nursing members dress badge is also included.
After the war she is shown as serving at Lord Mayor Treloar ,Lincoln County,and St Olaves Hospitals,often as Home Sister until her retirement in 1970.She died in Cromer in 1994.An Interesting group well framed in a solid glazed frame measuring 68cm by 45cm.Please Note-The price has been adjusted to include the postage on this heavy item.

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Hellingly /Royal Free Hospitals,GNC,RCN Group
A group of 4 badges awarded to the same nurse.
The first is from the Hellingly Hospital(formerly the East Sussex County Asylum),for RMN training.It features the six martlets from the Sussex crest.Condition is good, pin and clasp are intact.Makers mark for Toye & Co London.Engraved for Joan Coombes 1961-62 Hallmarked for London 1969.Height 31mm
The Second is a silver and enamel badge is for the Royal Free Hospital Nurses League.This pattern was in use from 1960 to 1964 and features the lion centre.In very good condition with only minimal surface scratches.Pin, clasp and safety roller catch intact, safety chain in place.Silver hallmarks for WJD(William James Dingley) Birmingham 1963 Height 33mm
The third item is a silver and enamel for the Royal College of Nursing & National Council of Nurses of the United Kingdom.It features the coat of arms of the college, this pattern being in use between 1963 and 1975.Membership number 110340 to the rear.Silver hallmarks for JRG&S( J R Gaunt & Sons) Birmingham 1964.
The last item is a chrome and enamel badge of the General Nursing Council for England & Wales.Condition is good.This is engraved for J Coombes RMN 32009 28.11.61 SRN340798 .31.7.64
The four items constitute a nice set all awarded to Joan Coombes for her Mental nurse and later General nurse training, along with her RCN members badge and GNC badge with dual registration

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The Westminster Hospital,Nurses League badge,Silver Plated Buckle and GNC badge set
A nice trio of items to the same nurse from her training at the Westminster Hospital.The first item is the silver and enamel badge from the Nurses League featuring the portcullis design.In good condition with pin and clasp good.It is hallmarked for Birmingham 1962.
The second badge is the chrome and enamel General Nursing Council for England & Wales badge for E.E.Roberts SRN 340425 30.7.64.The register shows this as being Elizabeth Elmer Robbins who is shown as having trained at the Westminster Hospital.
The third item is a two piece Silver plated Belt buckle from the Westminster Hospital, once again showing the crowned portcullis design.Good overall condition but with some areas of wear .Width 77mm Height 67mm.

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RDEH/Exminster Hospital/Queen's Nurse/GNC set
A quartet of badges awarded to the same Male nurse during his training and career.
They consist of;
1.Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital brass and enamel pendant badge.Good condition with safety chain, pin intact.Named to A.M.J.Wills 1950-53 Height 39mm
2.Exminster Hospital silver and enamel pin back badge.Excellent condition, pin and clasp good.Named to Mr A.M.J.Wills June 1956.Silver hallmarks for D&F(Deakin & Francis)Birmingham 1956 Height 40mm.A beautiful item that I haven't seen before!
3.General Nursing Council for England & Wales,chrome & enamel pin back badge.Good condition, pin and clasp good.Named to rear A.M.J.Wills SRN 208772 1.12.53 height 28mm
4.Queens Institute of District Nursing brass pendant badge and chord.The cypher VRI( Victoria Regina Imperatrix)in a voided centre.This pattern was in use prior to 1972.Good condition with optional pin back or suspension fitting.This one has its original silk blue and white neck chord(rather dirty).Numbered to the rear 29883.
These all belonged to Arthur Michael Joseph Wills who is recorded in the 1954 register as having trained at Hawkmoor Chest Hospital,Bovey Tracey and the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital qualifying in 1953.He also shows on the mental nurse register RMN 26095,registered on 13.8.1956,trained at Exminster Hospital.He would have been able to return his badge to the GNC to have this qualification added but obviously decided not to?
He was born on 29.9.1921 and died in 2000 aged 79

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Morgannwg Mental Hospital,Bridgend silver Nurses badge/RMPA/ GNC Trio and certificate
A trio of Badges awarded to the same nurse for her Mental Nurse training at what would have been the Glamorgan County Mental Hospital in Wales.She trained in the 1940s and gained her certificate from the Medico Psychological Association,which is enclosed.
The first badge is the silver and enamel Badge of the Royal Medico Psychological Association.Engraved to the rear for M.E.Robinson 45380.Hallmarked for WD&S,Birmingham 1943.This is accompanied by the matching certificate which although rather dirty and worn,with some tears,is still a scarce survivor.
The second badge is a silver gilt and enamel badge from the Morgannwg Hospital which is what the asylum became in 1948 and this badge would have been issued to her retrospectively.It is engraved to the rear M.E.Lewis May 1944 ( this is Marian Edwina Lewis nee Robinson) and bears hallmarks for Thomas Fattorini,1963.Good condition but with one small crack to the enamel.Height 26mm
The third badge is a chrome and enamel badge for the General Nursing Council For England & Wales for Registered Mental Nurse Training.It is engraved to the rear M.E.Lewis RMN 45697 17.3.70 with pin clasp being a loose temporary replacement.Once again it appears that she decided to register with the GNC some 26 years after completing her original training!
Also included is a picture of this lady in uniform as a ward sister at the Parc Hospital Bridgend.
A nice trio of badges and memorabilia to a Welsh Mental nurse.

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