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Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing,United Birmingham Hospitals,GNC pair
A trio of badges awarded to the same nurse Janette Elizabeth Stibbs who undertook her training in Birmingham.The first is from the Birmingham and Midland Eye Hospital and is a two piece composite badge.Recognised as an Ophthalmic Nurse training School in 1952,the badge consists of a bronze geneva cross upon which is a device taken from the arms of the city featuring the mural crown representing the walled city and the arm and hammer representing industry.This is all within a scroll bearing the Hospital title.The rear is marked J E Stibbs Nov 1955.Good condition with pin intact.
The second is a Bronze and enamel Nurses badge from the Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing in Birmingham.It shows the crest of the hospital between two stalks of Foxglove plants( noted for their medicinal use).This version postdates the similar badge for QE SoN Birmingham.This is marked to the rear Jeanette E.Stibbs. Condition good but slight bend to top corner.Pin and clasp intact but rather stiff.
The third item is a chrome and enamel badge from the General Nursing Council for England & Wales.This is engraved for J E Stibbs,SRN 290922 28.11.60.Her listing in the Register shows her as having joint training at the two hospitals.The condition is good but the pin is a crude replacement.
Also included is her membership badge for the Royal college of Nursing.
She appears to have later become a Queen's District Nurse and I am also listing separately her DN badge and an enamelled Queen's Nurse Car Badge.

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Queen Mary's Hospital for the East End,silver Nurses medal and GNC Pair
A nice pair of silver badges awarded to the same nurse.The first is a silver and enamel Nurses medal from the Queen Mary's Hospital for the East End.Previously the West Ham Hospital it was renamed Queen Mary's Hospital for the East End in 1917.
It consists of a two piece construction, enamelled disc with a red cross in a voided centre.On this is a silver laurel wreath in relief.There is minimal enamel damage around the edge as pictured.This is suspended from an original silk ribbon with a safety pin type fixing suspension bar .The reverse is engraved E.L.Huggins and it bears hallmarks for W? Birmingham 1916.Height ,medal and suspension ring 36mm,medal with ribbon 70mm
The second is an early Silver badge for the General Nursing Council for England & Wales.The hygiene badge is in excellent condition.It is marked to the rear E.L.Huggins SRN 7180 22.9.22 It bears hallmarks for Thomas Fattorini Birmingham 1923.This is Eleanor Letitia Huggins who is shown in the GNC register as having trained at the then West Ham and East London Hospital from 1907 to 1910.She is also listed as having been an early member of the College of Nursing No.2989 in 1917 but unfortunately I am missing her matching CN Badge.She also appears to have had at least one sister who also trained at the Hospital in 1913.

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Guy's Hospital Nurses League,GNC Pair nurses Badges
A pair of Badges awarded to the same nurse for training in the 1950s.The first is the General Nursing Council for England & Wales chrome badge .This is engraved for J M Nicholls SRN 213443 5.4.54.This is June Mary Nicholls who is shown on the register as having trained at the Wingfield Morris Orthopaedic Hospital Oxford and Guy's Hospital London,probably having changed training schools part way through her training?
The second badge is the Nurses League badge for Guy's Hospital It bears an enamelled shield with the hospital crest which overlays a cross around which is a scroll.This bears the motto Dare Quam Accipere-It is better to give than receive and GHNL for Guys Hospital Nurses League.This is engraved to the rear June Nicholls.Safety chains have been added to both

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French World War One trio of medals to a British Nurse
A grouping of three French medals to an English Nurse who volunteered for service with the French Red Cross.
The first is from the Society de Secours aux Blesses Militaires,of a plated metal.The rear is named to J W Bamforth. Plating is wearing in places but generally good.
The second is a French issue Victory medal and finally the third is the 1914-18 French Commemorative medal for War service.All three medals have replacement ribbons.
J W Bamforth is listed in the book" For Dauntless France" as a having been one of the volunteers who went to serve for Red Cross Work with the French but I have not yet been able to undertake further research to find out where she/he served?

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Canterbury District Hospital SoN,GNC,RCN Group of Nurses Badges
A group of Nurses badges issued to the same nurse.They consist of A GNC for England & Wales badge for Enrolled Nurse Training,this being named for J.Aslett SEN 142254 10.12.71.In very good condition Height 27mm.The second is a GNC for England & Wales in chrome and enamel.This is unnamed (as was the custom by the late 1970s) but numbered SRN 533888. The third is is a silver and enamel badge from the Canterbury District Hospital School of Nursing.This is named for J.Aslett with the date 1978 and Silver.There is slight enamel discolouration to the edge by the word District,otherwise in very good condition with pin,clasp and safety roller catch all good,safety chain in situ.Height 33mm
The fourth is the dress badge for the Royal College of Nursing of the United Kingdom,Height 40mm very good condition.
Lastly is the small members "Hands"badge of the Royal Colleg of Nursing.
It appears that J Aslett first trained as a State Enrolled Nurse from 1969-71 and then later did a conversion course for State Registration at Canterbury,in 1978.The first three badges reflecting this.She also seems to have been a member of the Royal College of Nursing and the others are for this membership.
An interesting group typical of it's time

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Lincoln County Hospital,GNC,RCN group of Nursing badges
A group of four badges from the same nurse.These consist of a Silver and enamel Badge from the Lincoln County Hospital.It features the emblem from the arms of Lincoln,namely a shield with red cross and central Fleur de Lys.The hospital title is on a green enamel band to the edge.This has two small chips to the enamel but is otherwise in a good condition,pin and clasp intact but loose.Engraved to the rear W S Kimberley,makers mark AF Sterling Silver.Height 29mm
The second is a chrome and enamel General Nursing Council for England & Wales badge.This is engraved for W S Kimberley SRN160765 18.3.49 In good condition.Height 28mm
The third is a silver gilt and enamel members dress badge for the Royal College of Nursing.This is the 2nd pattern version in use for 1963 with the wording "Royal College of Nursing & National Council of Nurses of the United Kingdom".One small chip only ,pin and clasp intact.Numbered to rear 111903.Hallmarks for J R Gaunt & Sons Birmingham 1964.Height 40mm
The final item is a small RCN sunburst members badge.Good condition,pin intact ,makers mark Gaunt B'Ham Width 26mm by height 17mm

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Blackburn Royal Infirmary , Institut Edith Cavell Badges and Photograph
An interesting group consisting of a mounted studio photograph of an unidentified nurse wearing the two accompanying badges.The picture is 160mm by 130mm by a Liverpool photographer and to the rear is written 1948.The sitter is shown in uniform with starched cap and collar.To her apron can be seen attached two badges which are included in this listing.
These are a silver and enamel badge for The Royal Infirmary Blackburn. It consists of a maltese cross with blue enamelled arms containing the hospital title and Trained Nurse.In a central circle is a Red cross with a Hebrew inscription,over which is "The Lord that Healeth Thee".The enamel is generally good.The rear has a pin and clasp and safety chain.It bears Birmingham hallmarks for Vaughtons and Sons 1932.Height 26mm
The second badge is what I believe to be a training school badge from the Institut Edith Cavell depicting Marie Depage and Edith Cavell.This has 1915 N'Oublions Jamais(never Forget) and is based on a commemorative medal by A. Bonnetain produced in 1919 .The badge has lost it's pin fixing 28mm

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Nightingale School of Nursing,GNC Badge Pair
A pair of badges awarded to the same nurse for her training at the famous Nightingale School of Nursing at St Thomas' Hospital London
They consist of a Silver Nurses Badge from the Nightingale School of Nursing of St Thomas' Hospital London.In Very Good overall condition but with one small area of enamel damage to the lower are just below FN .Issued to M.Ingrid Rikof 1953.Marked Loyalty .Pin and clasp good .Safety chain in situ.
A good example of it's kind for which demand still greatly outweighs supply .Please email with any questions.height 40mm
The second badge is the accompanying Chrome and enamel SRN Badge for the General Nursing Council for England & Wales, named to M.I.Rokof(Muriel Ingrid) SRN 198366 5.12.52 Height 27mm

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London Hospital/Mildmay Hospital, SRN/SCM Four Badge Set
A collection of four badges awarded to the same nurse,Linda A Thompson for her training in the 1970s.They are being sold as a set but if you do wish to discuss other options do please contact me.
The first pair are for SRN training,being a silver and enamel London Hospital badge,in very good condition.It is engraved for Linda A Thompson 6.1.76-1.4.79,marked silver.Height 36mm.This is accompanied by an unnamed chrome and enamel badge for the General Nursing Council for England & Wales.It is marked to the rear SRN 550418 Height 28mm
The third badge is a silver and enamel badge for the Mildmay Mission Hospital Bethnal Green.In the 1970s this was still delivering General Nurse Training in conjunction with the London Hospital.It also offered a shortened Midwifery training course for SRNs and this is what this nurse appears to have undertaken.The badge is in very good condition with pin,clasp and safety chain all in good order.It bears silver hallmarks for 1973.Height 30mm
The final badge is a standard qualification badge for a State Certified Midwife.Once again in very good condition.Scratched onto the rear is L Thompson 238477.
A nice group of four which reflect the type of training pathways that nurses undertook at that period.

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The London Hospital and GNC ,Nursing badge pair
A nice pair of associated badges to a German trainee Nurse at the London Hospital.I believe her be one of the many nurses recruited from postwar Germany to help fill the tremendous shortages being experienced by the newly created NHS.Having completed her training however it appears that she emigrated to Canada.
The Hospital badge is a silver and enamel badge from the London Hospital with the intertwined LH and motto- HUMANI NIHIL A ME ALIENUM PUTO- I consider nothing that is human alien to me.This is accompanied by the Three Prince of Wales feathers and the cross with red and white arms.The face is in good condition with no enamel loss or damage.The rear is engraved to Grietina Ansmits December 20th 1948-December 19h 1951 London Hospital J.Pinches London.Pin ,clasp and safety roller catch all good,although it looks as though this has been professionally replaced at some stage.Height 35mm.
The accompanying badge is in chrome and enamel from the General Nursing Council for England & Wales.This is engraved for G.Ansmidt(sic) SRN186268 26.11.51.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Limited Birmingham.Pin,clasp and safety roller catch all good although this too looks to have been professionally replaced.Height 27mm

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