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Leather Nurses Chatelaine Set ,S Maw & Sons.
A scarce survivor of,what was once,a basic piece of Nursing equipment,mainly a Nurses chatelaine set of equipment in a leather case.They were widespread from the Mid Victorian era up until just after the First World War.Worn suspended from a nurses belt these would contain the nurses tools of her trade of the time .The contents could vary slightly but this is a fairly typical example.
It consists of a leather case with adjustable apertures to fit the tools.In this case a Stainless steel tongue depressor.A screw top(Bakelite type) container with a glass mercury thermometer graded in Fahrenheit.A pair of steel forceps and a steel and glass pulse timer for 30 seconds.
I estimate that this example dates to around 1914-18.In very good condition overall .The metal loop for attaching it to the belt is ornately engraved with the Initials BLL,presumably the original owner?
A rare and original item of great interest to the Nurse Historian or re-enactor. Please ask for any further details or pictures.

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Original Enamelled Door Plate, XRAY DEPT.
A nice original door plate sign reading XRAY DEPT. I believe this may have come from the old Friern Mental Hospital when it closed in 1993. In very good condition. height 50mm width 72mm

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Nurses 15 Second Pulse timer
A nurses pulse timer dating to around the First World War period
It consists of the glass egg timer calibrated for 15 seconds within a base metal protective cover.This has a small attachment to the lid allowing it to fixed to a chain and worn from the belt.
Prior to the availability of cheap watches this would have been part of the Nurses basic equipment fro recording observations.Length 75mm

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