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Barnsley Health Authority ,30 years service badge
A brass metal and enamel long service badge from the Barnsley Health Authority.It features the arms of Monk Bretton Priory above the latin Motto Salus Infirmorum-Health of the Sick.This is above a scroll bearing 30 Years.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham.Height 26mm

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William Tuke Medal,The Retreat York,Mental Nursing Prize Medal
A large and impressive bronze medal for Proficiency in Mental Nursing, from the Retreat Hospital in York.This was founded by William Tuke, in 1796 as a private Asylum for Quakers and went on to pioneer many innovative treatments for mental illness.
Measuring 47mm by 33mm,the medal face bears an image of William Duke,Founded the Retreat York 1792.The reverse shows leaves and branches and Presented for Proficiency Mental Nursing.Below this it bears the latin motto Cum Bona Voluntate Servientes which translates as With Good Will,Doing Service.The medal is named around the rim to Emma A Bradley 22nd July 1922 The Retreat York.It would originally have been worn mounted on a plain beige silk ribbon but this is now absent.
The final picture(curtesy of the Welcome Institute ) shows such a medal being worn!

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The Florence Nightingale Medal of the International Red Cross Society
A very rare original Florence Nightingale Medal of the IRCS
It is the highest international distinction a nurse can achieve and is awarded to nurses or nursing aides for "exceptional courage and devotion to the wounded, sick or disabled or to civilian victims of a conflict or disaster" or "exemplary services or a creative and pioneering spirit in the areas of public health or nursing education"
Instigated in 1912, it was initially set up to be awarded to six nurses annually, although the first 42 awards were only made in 1920 due to the disruption of the First World War.To date only 1,483 medals have been awarded.
The medal is composed of gold and silver-gilt and bears a portrait of Florence Nightingale surrounded by the words 'Ad memoriam Florence Nightingale 1820-1910'.On the reverse, the name of the recipient and the date of the award are engraved, surrounded by the inscription 'Pro vera misericordia et cara humanitate perennis décor universalis' ('true and loving humanitarianism - a lasting general propriety'). The medal is attached to a white and red ribbon by a clasp featuring a red enamel cross encircled by a green laurel crown.
This original medal has unfortunately had the recipient's name erased however it bears Silver hallmarks for T&S London 1922 and so would have been one of the first few series of awards made.Condition is good although with one small knock to the enamel of the red cross and minor stains to the original silk ribbon.
A rare and impressive piece.

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Warneford Hospital,silver nurses Prize Badge
A cased silver Nurses Prize medal from the Warneford Hospital in Leamington Spa.The circular silver medal consists of a cross with a rod of Asclepius to the vertical and the Hospital title to horizontal arms of the cross. Rays of sunlight radiate from the centre to the edges.Matt finish has some wear but condition is generally good.The medal hangs on it's original blue silk ribbon from a plain pin back suspension bar.The rear has makers marks for Thomas Fattorini Limited Birmingham.Named for M.B Bell 1960.Silver hallmarks for TF Birmingham 1957

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Weston-Super-Mare General Hospital,9ct Gold Prize Medal
A gold and enamel pendant badge from Weston Super Mare General Hospital.It consists of a gold medal with a coloured enamelled shield bearing the towns crest with the hospital title on a blue enamel band around the edge.This hangs from a plain gold pin back suspension bar The hallmarks are rather faded but appear to be TJS and Chester marks.Engraved for Myra G Parsons Sept 1952.Height 34mm

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Guys Hospital Long Service Medals and badges,Olive A Harland
A group of awards to one nurse from her service at Guys Hospital.They consist of the rare Long Service Medal for a serving Sister known affectionately as the Tea Pot Stand due to it's large size.It is based upon an original silver badge worn by Nursing Sisters at Guy's in the early 19th Century.This replica was awarded to Sisters in the 20th century after they had successfully served three years.
The large and heavy Pewter coloured disc depicts the forecourt of the hospital,below which is inscribed Olive A Harland September 1953(Olive Adelaide Harland trained at Guys Hospital 1946-49) Around the edge is Guy's Hospital Founded AD 1724 and Sister The reverse side of the medal is plain except for the makers mark for Waterlow & Sons,Ltd London 1930.The medal is in it's original silk lined case.Good condition
The second item is the Butterworth Medal Instituted in 1889 by Joshua W Butterworth,this medal was awarded to all nurses of Guy's Hospital who had completed Five years of continuous satisfactory service at the Hospital.
The silver metal(not marked as silver)medal is suspended by a pin back brooch fixing.The face shows an image of Thomas Guy,Founder of the Hospital. The rear is engraved To Olive A.Harland1959 For Long Service
Good overall condition
Lastly is a brass and enamel Badge from Guys Hospital Nurses leagueIt bears an enamelled shield with the hospital crest which overlays a cross around which is a scroll.This bears the motto Dare Quam Accipere-It is better to give than receive and GHNL for Guys Hospital Nurses League.This too is in good condition.
A scarce original grouping.
I am also listing a pair from another family member from Bradford Royal Infirmary.

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South West Middlesex Hospital Management Committee,Nurses Silver Prize medal
A Silver nurses pendant badge from the South West Middlesex HMC.This was I believe a Prize medal awarded in Gold(silver gilt),Silver and Bronze featuring this same design in different colour metals.This is the hallmarked silver example.The badge itself consists of a central cross moline in red enamel with the four quarters showing ;three Seaxes, a Saint (possibly St John for St John's Hospital Twickenham)An open book(AHPM) and a lamp of learning.The medal has a rope edge border.It hangs from a silver pin back bar brooch with the Latin Servite In Laetitia-I will serve cheerfully.Condition is unissued.Unmarked to rear except for Hallmark for TJS(Thomas James Skelton) Chester 1953.Height 41mm

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Ashford Hospital Middlesex School of Nursing,Barham Carter Medal
An Enamel nurses badge/medal from the Ashford Hospital Middlesex.The design is the same as the standard hospital badge but the outer rim is in pale green with the addition of a scroll at the base which has Barham Carter Medal on.The condition is excellent having been unissued.Unmarked to rear.Height 39mm

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Leicestershire Mental Health Service 25 Years Badge
An enamel pin back badge for 25 years(service?) for Leicestershire Mental Health Service.The central motif features a Fox,associated with the many Hunting links of the county.In excellent condition with pin,clasp and safety roller catch all good.Makers mark for Fattorini 0121-2361307 Height 25mm

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Hampstead General And North West London Hospital,Howard Figgis Nurses Prize Medal
A rare Nurses prize medal from the Hampstead General and North West London Hospital.It consists of a yellow base metal medal suspended from a red silk ribbon.The design features a Greek cross with a rod of Asclepius in front of radiating sun rays.The suspension bar takes the form of a stags head.The reverse bears Howard Figgis Medal,and has two crossed anchors above a cross bearing the latin motto-Contra Spen Spera-Hope against Hope.It bears the name Miss M E Berry.This is likely to be Marjory Eliza Berry who registered in May 1925. Condition good although with some knocks,ribbon is rather frayed.Medal height 50mm

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