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Scottish Midwives Association,Members badge
A scarce Brass and enamel badge for the Scottish Midwives Association.The central motif has a shield bearing the Rampant Lion of Scotland over a field of thistles and leaves.Condition is good with pin and clasp intact.Numbered for 842 Makers mark for Edward Glasgow.Height 29mm

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Monklands District General Hospital Nurses Badge
A base metal and enamel Nurses badge from Monklands District General Hospital in Airdrie North Lanarkshire.The design features a coat of arms(possibly of the Hospital itself ?)above the latin motto Subvenire Enitendo( To assist Childbirth??).Very good condition.Pin ,clasp and safety roller catch all good.Makers mark for Fattorini Tel 021.236.1307 Height 27mm

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Victoria Infirmary Glasgow,Silver Nurses Badge
A silver and enamel "Puma" nurses badge from the Glasgow Victoria Infirmary.It's two piece composite design features the Puma ( taken from a moulding on the external wall of the Hospital) on a Scottish saltire cross,within a band containing the hospital name.The condition of the enamel is extremely good, as pictured.Pin and clasp intact .Named for Janet J White February 1942,Edinburgh hallmarks for K&S for Kenning & Spencer and year letter 1965.Height 33mm A popular badge,always in demand and getting harder to source.

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The Glasgow Royal Maternity Hospital,Silver Nurses badge
A lovely silver and enamel badge from The Glasgow Maternity Hospital. The badge was introduced in 1959 and was designed by the then Matron and staff.The oval design consists of a central blue enamel circle showing two white snowdrops,the first flowers of spring,depicting new life after the dark winter-Symbolic of new birth after pregnancy.On a pale blue band round the edge are ,at top,a representation of St Mungo,the patron Saint of Glasgow and ,at bottom the cross of Saint Andrew.The hospital title is around the sides of the badge.In excellent condition with minimal surface abrasions.Pin,clasp and safety roller catch all good.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Limited Birmingham.Silver hallmarks for TF Birmingham 1960.Height 37mm

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Ayrshire & Arran College of Nursing & Midwifery,Nurses Badge
A scarce base metal and enamel nurses badge from the Ayrshire & Arran College of Nursing & Midwifery.The oval badge features a white enamel Saltire within a laurel wreath.In each of the quarters are a dove with olive leaf,Lamp of Learning,Mother and baby and rod of Asclepius.The title appears on blue enamel band around the edge. Some very minor areas of wear as per the pictures.Pin clasp and safety roller catch all intact, although pin has been bent.Makers marks for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham.Width 41mm Height 26mm

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Scottish Nursing badges set,Glasgow RI/Midwifery/Queens Nursing Badges
A collection of Badges awarded to the same Nurse for her training and career in Scotland.They consist of;
1.A silver and enamel Registered General Nurse Scotland badge with white St Andrew's cross on a blue base.This is named to G P McCann A 34589.Excellent condition with pin and clasp good.Makers mark for Hamilton & Inches E'Burgh.Silver hallmarks for H&I Birmingham 19

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Edinburgh Southern Hospitals School of Nursing,Silver Nurses Badge
A scarce silver and enamel Nurses badge from the Edinburgh Southern Hospitals School of Nursing.The lozenge shaped design features an angel holding a nurses lamp of learning aloft, at the base is a small cross.In good overall condition although with minor damage to bottom edge.Pin is unfortunately missing.Named for 275 E Mhlanga(This is Edith Mhlanga who qualified in October 1965.She also appears on the Midwifes Roll for Scotland in 1968 ,then moving to Rhodesia) Silver hallmarks for WJD(William James Dingley) Birmingham 1964 Height 39mm

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West Fife Hospitals Group Training School/General Nursing Council for Scotland Enrolled Nurse, pair of Silver Badges
A pair of silver badges awarded to the same nurse. The first is a hospital qualification badge from the West Fife Hospitals Group Training School which I believe was based around Dunfermline.It has a red enamel border which denotes Enrolled nurse training.Some wear to surface and minor enamel chips, it is also missing it's pin.Engraved to rear 16200 B Tait.Silver hallmarks for JRG( JR Gaunt) Birmingham 1973 Height 31mm
The second is a silver Enrolled Nurse badge from the General Nursing Council For Scotland.In excellent condition it is named for B Tait 16200 Makers marks for Hamilton & Inches Edinburgh,Hallmarked for H&I Birmingham 1972 Height 32mm

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Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion Edinburgh,Midwives badge
A popular enamelled badge for Midwifery training at the Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion in Edinburgh.
First presented in May 1967,the badge features a purple butterfly,the emblem of Immortality,separating the words Victo Dolore-Victory Over Pain.The badge was last awarded in November 1977 when the Midwifery School was integrated into the Lothian College of Nursing & Midwifery.This is one of several that I have seen which was issued retrospectively.It is engraved 1.11.60 R A Malcolmson. Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham.Condition is good with no enamel damage and pin and clasp in good order.Height 32mm

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Glasgow Royal Infirmary & Associated Hospitals School of Nursing,Silver Enrolled Nurses Badge and Scottish Silver Enrolled Nurses Badge
A pair of badges awarded to the same Scottish Enrolled Nurse.The first is a silver and enamel badge from the Glasgow Royal Infirmary & Associated Hospitals School of Nursing.It depicts the snake of healing intertwined with a Thistle with the motto Auspice Caelo-By the Favour of Heaven,which features on the wall of the Infirmary on Castle Street.This version with green enamel was awarded for Enrolled Nurse training.In good condition although with two small areas of enamel damage,the pin,clasp and catch are all good.Silver safety chain is in situ.Engraved 11/75 Sheila Menzies Wilson Gibson Nee Gardner. Birmingham Hallmarks for ELS 1973.Height 30mm
The second badge is a silver and enamel general Nursing Council For Scotland Enrolled Nurse Badge.In good condition with pin, clasp and safety chain all good.Named to S M W Gibson 18937 Makers mark for Hamilton & Inches E'Burgh silver hallmarks for H&I Birmingham 1974.Height 32mm

Code: 52098Price: 100.00 GBP

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