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Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute For Nurses,District Nurses hat
A scarce woollen,Air Hostess style, District Nurses hat,probably from the 1950s.It bears the woven QVI badge of Queen Victorias Jubilee Institute for Nurses through it's many guises over the years.Good overall condition with no obvious damage or holes.A small size

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Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute For Nurses,District Nurses pill box hat
A scarce woollen District Nurses pill box hat,probably from the 1960s or 70s.It bears the woven QVI badge of Queen Victorias Jubilee Institute for Nurses through it's many guises over the years.Good overall condition with no obvious damage or holes.Interior diameter ,approximately 54mm

Code: 51912Price: 50.00 GBP

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Kings College Hospital Student Nurses Outdoor Cap
A woollen nurses outdoor cap from the Kings College Hospital London.This was I understand worn by student nurses when travelling between their Nurses Home and the Hospital and was still in use in the 1980s according to one of my colleagues.
The cap is shaped rather like a bonnet with an embroidered badge to the front under which is a small bow.The badge consists of a shield ,bearing the initials KCH and the hospital motto Sancte Et Sapient-With Holiness and Wisdom.This is topped by a crown.
Condition is good with some areas of wear but no holes that I can see.Inside are a label-100% Wool Made in Britain and a name tag for Lois Dingley. Size appears to be approximately 55cm,size 6 3/4.
Another scarce item of Nursing history.

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General Nursing Council for England & Wales,Uniform Cap
A Woollen Nurses uniform Cap, dating from any time between the 1920s and the1950s.It bears the woven badge of Hygeia, its use being strictly authorised by the General Nursing Council in their Uniform Rules of 1924.The cap of a dark blue woollen material is fully lined and was manufactured by the Nurse's Outfitting Association which based in Stockport.Condition is generally good although there is one small hole to the top.Size diameter is approximately 6 1/2 or small.Please refer to pictures for more detail

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Nurses Woollen Lined Cloak,1960s St Mary Abbot's Hospital London
An original woollen Nurses cloak in black with a red inner lining and cross straps.A long missed part of the nurses uniform,they were worn for travelling between Nurses Home and Hospital(and were great for keeping warm on night duty!).
In a nice long length of 40 inches from collar to hem,it appears to be in a good condition for it's age with no obvious signs of moth damage,although there are some stains and minor signs of wear.It retains its makers labels for Wells & Co London, production date of 1964.It also carries Laundry labels for St Mary Abbot's Hospital Sister Mawning Casualty. The cross straps are intact with button fixing present .A clasp at the neck and hanging loop are also present.A nice original memento of a nursing as it was.

Code: 51746Price: 75.00 GBP

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Nurses Cape
An item of uniform that was loved by many a nurse over the years,a typical nurses cape,probably dating to the 1960s or 70s.This Black(? woollen) Cape, lined with a red material,has a collar and button front.It is of a longer length than magnet 42 inches/107cms.It retains the red cross over straps with button fixing,for securing it around the body.
The original label is for Wearwell Uniforms,L Wells & Co ltd,London SW 18( they were certainly in business in the 1950s)
In generally very good condition although there are two or three moth holes to the interior lining.
A heavy piece for the re-enactor or just for nostalgia!

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World War One,Voluntary Aid Detatchment Nurse Brassards/Armbands
A Rare pair of First World War Brassards for a Voluntary Aid Detatchment Nurse.The pair would have been worn by a female VAD Nurse with the St John VAD to the left arm and the St John Ambulance to the right arm.In original and slightly worn condition as pictured but a rare survivor from over one hundred years ago.

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Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps,Tippet
A Queen Elizabeth II period QARANC Woollen Tippet.In good condition with original Rank epaulettes.Please see pictures or ask for further details

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Nurses SRN District Nurses Cap
A scarce District Nurses hat,which I believe may date to the 1930s.It is made of a dark felt type material and bears a cockade which features a bullion wire Badge with the entwined letters SRN.
A fairly small size being 220mm long.has an elasticated chin strap.

Code: 50531Price: 40.00 GBP

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Queens Community Nurse Epaulette and SRN Badge
An unusual item being the shoulder epaulette from the uniform of a
"Queens"Community nurse.It is of a dark blue felt type material,backed by a leather fixing strap.It bears the shoulder title SRN for State Registered Nurse and has a metal screw back fixing button.

Code: 50025Price: 15.00 GBP

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