World War Two Far East Campaign Group to a VAD Nurse. World War Two Far East Campaign Group to a VAD Nurse. World War Two Far East Campaign Group to a VAD Nurse. World War Two Far East Campaign Group to a VAD Nurse. World War Two Far East Campaign Group to a VAD Nurse.

World War Two Far East Campaign Group to a VAD Nurse.

A rare collection of items relating to the war service and later Nursing career of a VAD nurse who served in Burma.
They consist of ;
1)a swing mounted trio of service medals, being the 1939-45 Star,The Burma Star and the War Medal 1939-45.Unnamed as issued.
2)Pin back Medal ribbon bar for the two stars, rather faded.
3)British Red Cross Society. A pair of brass shoulder titles with backing plates and split pins for Middlesex 378(one digit missing from one plate)
4) a pair of small pin back G1 emblems signifying Grade 1 status denoting the recipient had completed at least three months of satisfactory Nursing service( pin missing to one badge)
5)British Red Cross Society pendant county badge with bar denoting County Of Middlesex.Named on reverse to 18332 F L White.
6)British Red Society 3 year service medal with additional bar for a further three years service.Unnamed but numbered on reverse 47580
7) British Red Cross Society Cap badge with prong fixing
8)Assorted British Red Cross Uniform buttons
9) British Red Cross society cloth items being one British shoulder title ,two small red cross emblems and a Mobile VAD emblem, this having a backing cloth with BRCS 22782 M'SEX 84.
10) Two unidentified sew on enamelled Red rose motifs, believed to be Red Cross related.
11) Identify Certificate issued by the British Red Cross to Frances White on June 22 1944,with photograph.(some wear and damage)
12) Bronze collar tab for the Royal Army Medical Corps (possible a keepsake rather than an issue item)
13) An original cloth shield as worn by US personnel in the China Burma India Theatre of War with press stud fixing(again likely to be a keepsake rather than an issue to this nurse)
14)An Identity Card Army in India issued to Francis Lillian White dated 3 April 1945 with photograph of the bearer.With this is a small snapshot her her father which she carried with her throughout the war.
15)an enamel pendant badge for a New Zealand Registered Nurse, inscribed on the rear 5862 F L White 1952(some enamel damage)
16) a chrome and enamel badge for the General Nursing Council for England & Wales.This is inscribed on the rear F L White SRN 218292 22.11.54 and RMN 25441 2.12.55.
17) a boxed silver badge for the Civil Nursing Reserve( scuffed to front)
18)A British Legion Womens Section bar brooch numbered 63848
19)A collar badge for the Burma Star Association and a miniature version of the same
All of these items belonged to Francis Lillian White who was born on 29th March 1918.So far, it appears she was a nursing member of the British Red Cross Society Middlesex 378 branch and was posted as a VAD nurse to the far East.After the duration she returned to the UK but shipped out in 1948 to New Zealand where she undertook Her General and Psychiatric nurse training.She then returned to the UK in the early 1950s and registered with the GNC for both SRN and RMN training.She then undertook her Registered Fever Nurse Training in Lancashire. It appears she died in 2002. and her medals came down through her family.In need of further research but a scarce attributable grouping for one of a limited number of female recipients of the Burma Star. Please ask for further pictures if required.

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